By turning the clip part, you can switch between “Kurutoga mode” and “hold mode”.

Remarkable Points

  • Kurutoga mode
  • Hold mode
  • Gel Sand Grip

Kurutoga mode

By rotating the core little by little each time you write, the tip of the core is always toggling, so you can write beautifully without fattening the written characters. Ideal for making beautiful notes.

Hold mode

If you want to write a lot quickly on the entire surface of a note without worrying about the difference in the thickness and shading of letters, you can write with a stable writing feeling. Ideal for studying memorization.

Gel Sand Grip

The newly developed “Gel Sand Grip” has a three-layer structure that gives it a soft and fluffy feel, and it feels like it’s being held tightly, so you can write comfortably even after using it for a long time.