The Edge is a specialized pen designed for tiny, fine writing. This will be ideal for journaling, Hobonichi, bullet journals, and other very small writing that if often done on lightweight paper.

  • Tip Stainless steel
  • Barrel Plastic (PC), Elastic rubber grip
  • Size / Weight 1.07 cm x 1.63 cm x 14.06 cm / 10 g
  • Nib Size
  • Ink Color
    • Black

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  • 0.28mm
  • Black

Remarkable Point

  • Edge is with a unique clip, with a bent metal wire that looks like a frail paper clip at first glance. This clip is incredibly strong and secure.
  • Edge textured grip section is made of metal, the rest of the pen is a sleek plastic
  • The nose of the pen also borrows closely from the drafting pencil aesthetic, but also provides a good view at what you’re writing since the cone tapers off dramatically from the grip.
  • The needle-tip of the refill, giving you more sight around what you’re writing since the exposed part of the refill is so small.
  • Low center of gravity for excellent stability and control.