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uni-ball ONE is a brand new gel pen which comes with a newly developed uni-ball ONE Ink

Remarkable Points

  • Darker and more vivid gel ink
  • Pigment based ink with larger particles, creating a more vivid ink color
  • The ink dries fast, and writes smoothly
  • Simple design, and a new color indication on the top of the pen
  • Stronger metallic wire clip

uni-ball ONE ink

Specially formulated ink stays on top of fibers instead of being absorbed into the paper

Darker and more vivid gel ink

Revolutionary vibrant pigment ink makes dark inks look darker and bright inks look brighter. Delivers clear and bold writing without smearing or bleeding.

Minimal Style

20 Ink Colors

Remarkable Points

  • The upgrade model Uniball One F equipped with a “stabilizer mechanism” to achieve a stable writing taste with a low center of gravity.
  • Aiming for a familiar one, the axis color is inspired by the colors that blend into everyday life.
  • A metal nib with improved dimensional accuracy is used for the tip that holds the refill.
  • Suitable for studying, writing notes, and also for diaries because you can write stably with a light force.
  • Comfortable to write.
  • More sophisticated and high-quality impression with the one-point metal nib design.