Built-in “Uni NanoDia Color”, a color sharp replacement core that can be erased with an eraser. The sharpness that is ideal for color cores, reducing the burden on the core to a minimum.

The initial mounting core has a built-in color core that can be erased with an eraser.

As an initial mounting core, it has a built-in “Uni NanoDia Color” that can be erased cleanly. * Depending on the characteristics of the paper, it may not be suitable for cancellation.

A structure specializing in the use of color cores and a compact and cute design

Remarkable Points

  • This is a compact and cute-sized color mechanical pencil that makes you want to collect all the colors.
  • Designed to reduce the stress on color leads even more than regular mechanical pencils, it has a structure that is gentle on the lead, making it less likely to break.
  • Lead is erasable yet produces non-smudging lines.
  • Able to erase cleanly and rewrite neatly therefore, it’s perfect for studying or drawing illustrations.

Sharp “Unicolor” is a design that reduces the burden on the color core even more than normal sharp. Therefore, it is more gentle on the core and has a structure that makes it difficult for the color core to break. The rounded clips are cute and the design makes you want to collect many. Even if you have multiple slim shapes, you can store and carry them compactly without being bulky in the pencil case. * The “Uni NanoDia Color” core can be used with the sharps you normally use, but depending on the type of sharp, the part that holds the core may damage the core and make it easier to break. Sharp “Unicolor” reduces the burden on the core.

Shaft color that is easier to use and makes it easier to distinguish the difference in core diameter between 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm

A core diameter of 0.5 mm is a translucent shaft, and a core diameter of 0.7 mm is an opaque shaft. The shaft color is the same as the color of the initially installed color core, making it easy to see the color of the built-in core at a glance.