This mechanical pencil has a unique gear that revolves the lead while you write, keeping the lead always sharp and gives comfortable writing experience

Remarkable Points

  • Kuru Toga Engine
  • The leads contain nano-diamond, which makes smoother and stronger

Automatic revolving pencil lead innovation

A Special mechanical pencil with gears inside that revolve as the pencil lead presses down and lifts off the paper. Each time you write, the lead moves fractionally to maintain an even sharpness.

Maintain pencil lead’s sharpness and prevent breakage

The mechanical pencil with the revolving lead that STAYS SHARP.

Revolving lead that stays sharp ! Does not break Easily, 360 degree auto-rotating lead system

Kurutoga advance mechanical pencil, the Kuru Toga Advance features twice as fast as standard Kurutoga pencils, so that the lead gets sharpened twice as quickly. an updated “W Speed” mechanism, which rotates the lead

Remarkable Points

  • “W speed engine” which make the lead get sharp double quicker
  • Lead protection technology